How do I find all the candidates in my account who have the same tag assigned to them?

If at any point, you'd like to run a search of all applicants/candidates that you assigned a tag to, you can easily search for them 

To start, click on the magnifying glass from the navigation bar at the top of the page then select the 'Advanced Candidate Search' button from the dropdown. You can also search for tags using the search bar at the top of your list of candidates directly within the 'Candidates' in the top navigation.

Use the 'Keyword & Tag' field to type in the tag you are looking to find candidates associated with. Click the 'Search' button to review your results.

After clicking the search button, you will be able to see the list of candidates that you used this specific tag on.

From here, you can review their documents, click into the job they initially applied for to review interviews, etc, assign more tags or star ratings, email or transfer to another job.

Last Updated: 8/3/2017

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