How do I assign a tag to a candidate?

Tagging is a great way to remind yourself why you liked a candidate months down the road, if you chose not to move forward with them at that point. They're also a good way to link "like" candidates to turn your Hireology account into a resume database.

Much like social media hashtags, by clicking on a particular Hireology tag, you can easily search any other candidates that have the same tag attached to their profile. They're also searchable by using the Advanced Search feature within your Hireology account.

To start assigning tags, start by clicking on the 'Candidates' tab at the top of any page within your account.

Click on the job title your candidate applied to.

In your Selection Manager, you'll see a tag icon next to your candidate's name. Click on this icon.

In the dropdown that appears, type in your tag. Use the + symbol to the right of the tag field to save your change.

Best practice is to keep your tags short and sweet. You don't want to enter lengthy notes using this feature, that's what the Comments are designed for.

After the tag has been saved, you'll see the number of tags associated with this candidate next to the tag icon.

You can also mass add tags to a group of candidates in the same job by using the check boxes next to the candidates' names and selecting the 'Add Tag' button towards the top of your candidate list.

Last Updated: 7/31/2018

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