Can I see the status of a candidate's reference check in my account?

YES! Hireology is fully integrated with our automated reference check partner, SkillSurvey. Once a SkillSurvey is ordered on a candidate, you will be able to see realtime status updates in your account.

As soon as the order is processed in your account, you will be able to see the status of the 'References' change from 'Send' to 'Sent'. You can use this as a tool to communicate with your fellow hiring managers to let them know that the order has been processed without having to leave the platform.

When you click on the 'References' tab, you will enter into the status page for a particular candidate's SkillSurvey. There are four different statuses that will populate on this page.

1. Reference request was emailed to candidate

Simply put, this means that the service has been ordered and the email to the candidate has been sent.

2. Awaiting responses from references

The candidate has entered their references' information. Now you're just waiting for the responses to come through. You will be able to see how many references the candidate entered, how many have responded from each category and how many you're waiting on.

3. Reference report is ready to be finalized

This means that the minimum amount of references required for finalization have responded to the survey. At this point, you can choose to finalize the report or wait until more references have responded before you click the button to see the report.

4. Reference report has been finalized

The finalization button has been clicked and the report is ready for view. Once this happens, you will also be able to see the candidate's overall score on this page as well as in the Selection Manager, giving you an easy indicator whether or not the references think fondly of him/her.

You can also see the overall score on the jobs and Report Card pages.

Last Updated: 5/2/2019

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