How do I order reference checks?

Hireology partners with automated reference check vendor, SkillSurvey to give you an easy, hands-off way to check your candidate's references.

To begin the automated reference check process, you can either go directly to the candidate's report card page and click 'Send' under the 'References' heading, or you can order them from the Selection Manager.


Click on the candidate's name from the Selection manager and scroll down to the 'Verify' heading. Click 'Send' next to 'Automate References'.

Selection Manager

Under the 'References' heading, click 'Send' to initiate the order for the candidate.

Once you have decided to send a reference check and have clicked the 'Send' button, we'll ask you to confirm a few things before the order can be processed.

First, confirm that the candidate's name and email address are accurate.  These fields will automatically populate with the information the candidate enters upon applying but we realize typos can sometimes happen so we give you the opportunity to update.

Next, choose the minimum number of references you would like the candidate to enter.  The candidate will be able to enter in as many references as they would like, this number tells them the minimum they are required to enter.  It is best practice to require the same number of references for all candidates applying for the same position.

Lastly on this page, confirm who should get the email notifications.  This will default to your email address but if you would like someone else to receive the status updates and the completed report, adjust accordingly.

If everything on this page looks good, click the 'Next' button to move on.

Next, you will need to select a template for the survey.  Each survey template has a unique set of questions that are role specific.  For instance, if you are looking for an Account Manager, you will not send the Doctor template because the questions will not be relevant.

The most relevant template will always appear at the top, however, if something looks like it would be a better fit then you have the opportunity to a different template.  It is always best practice to use the same template for all candidates applying for the same position.

Click the 'Select' button next to the template you would like to use then click the 'Next' button to proceed to the last and final step.

The last step is to confirm the order.  Review that everything you have selected up until this point is correct and if so, click 'Complete Order' to finish the process and send your candidate the SkillSurvey.

After the order is confirmed, you will be able to see realtime status updates in your Hireology account. 

Last Updated: 8/14/2017

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