Do the disposition codes show up anywhere in my reporting?

Yes!  If a disposition code was used when rejecting applicants or candidates, this information will show up in your Hireology account under the 'Insights' tab.  You can also see why a specific applicant/candidate was rejected by viewing the 'Candidate History' page.
Start by clicking on the 'Insights' tab from the navigation bar on any page of your Hireology account.  Next, click on the 'View Legacy Reports' tab. 

Click on the report for 'Candidate Status'. Your disposition code for each candidate and/or candidate will be listed in the far, right column.  You can also export this report, if need be, by clicking the 'Export csv' button on the page.

Candidate History
If you need to look up a specific candidate/applicant to see an individual disposition code, you can do so on the 'Candidate History' page.  To navigate to this page in your account, start by searching the candidate/applicant using the magnifying glass from the navigation bar on any page in your account.

Next, click on the job that they are associated to.

Once on the 'Candidate Report Card', click on the 'Candidate History' tab.

You can see a full history of actions taken on this particular candidate's record, including the reasoning why they were knocked out of the running and by which hiring manager.

Last Update: 8/9/2017

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