How do I turn Indeed Apply - On / Off?

Your Hireology account will automatically default to turn Indeed Apply on.  However, if you wish to turn it off or turn it back on at a later date, follow these quick instructions to do so.

First, start by logging into your Hireology account and then click on the 'Hiring Steps' button.  Indeed Apply will be attached to the individual application - this allows you to have it turned on for some jobs but off for others, if necessary.  

From the Hiring Steps button, click on an 'Application' of your choice. 

Next, click on 'Edit'. 

In the application edit view, you will see a check box to toggle the Indeed Apply option. Uncheck this box to turn it off or check the box to turn it on.  After you have made the adjustment, click the 'Save'. 

Once you click 'Save' rename the 'Application' to your liking. 

Last Updated: 3/16/2018

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