What does the drug screen scheduling process look like for my candidate?

After your candidate completes the authorization and disclosure portion of their background check, they will automatically be re-routed to another platform, eScreen, to schedule their drug screen. There, they will enter their home or work address and a surrounding radius they're willing to drive then choose a drug screening facility from a list that meets their criteria.

When searching, the candidate will be able to see the exact clinic address, hours of operation, and whether or not the clinic requires an appointment. It's worth nothing that the vast majority of clinics within eScreen do not require an appointment.

When they choose the facility they would like to go to, they will then have the option to print out or email the paperwork necessary (also known as an epassport) to complete their drug screen. They cannot complete their drug screen without having a hardcopy of the paperwork or available electronically on a mobile device.

If they do not print or email the epassport at this time and close the window out without taking either of those actions, they cannot log back into the system to retrieve it. When this occurs, the hiring manager can contact Hireology Support at support@hireology.com or (312) 283-3610 to have the document resent.

Last Updated: 5/15/2019

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