What does the 'Review' tab next to my applicant's name mean?

Once you open a 'New' applicant's documents, the 'New' flag will no longer appear next to the applicant's name.  The flag will disappear for all users in the account, regardless of who viewed the candidate first.

We've built in the 'Review' tab feature as a handy way to remind yourself or your fellow hiring managers to come back to that particular applicant and/or candidate or set of applicants/candidates to further review their qualifications if they are no longer marked as 'New'.

Best practice is to always leave a comment to remind you or other hiring managers why they need further review.

To remove this flag from your applicant/candidate, all you need to do is open up any of their documents.  This includes the SmartRank Survey, Cover Letter, Resume, and Application.

Last Update: 8/3/2017

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