Can I name my email template something different than what's in the subject line?

You can have a separate name for your email template from the actual subject line.  This gives you the ability to name that 'Rejection Letter'...'Rejection Letter' but the candidate will see something a bit more friendly like 'Hireology Follow-up'.

When creating a new email template or editing an existing email template, you will see two different fields to fill in.  The first being 'Title' for the title you would like to give the template in order to make it obvious to you and all your users what the email is in regards to.  The second field is the 'Subject' line which will be what your candidates will see as the subject to the email in their inbox.

If you're editing or creating a new template, make sure to click 'Save Templates' when finished to save!

Last Updated: 12/12/2016

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