What happens when I click 'Hire'?

By changing a candidate's status to 'Hired', you are keeping track of the candidates you hired for the position. Nothing is sent out to the candidate by changing their status to hired, but they will be removed from the 'Candidates' section of your Selection Manager and moved to the 'Hires' tab.

The date you hired the candidate will also appear next to your new employee's name.  By doing this, you will also receive a survey to complete via email from Hireology monthly to track the employee's progress post hire.  This will be tracked in the 'Reporting' feature of your Hireology account.  You will also have the ability to begin the Onboarding process once a candidate is hired, if you have it included in your package.

Want to learn how to change a candidate's status to 'Hired'? Click here.

Update 7/21/17

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