Can I add other documents to a candidate's profile?

Yes!  We understand with certain hiring processes, there may be times where you need additional documentation from candidates in order to make a decision outside of the application, cover letter, and resume.  You can easily add other documents into your Hireology account and share them with other hiring managers.

To begin, find your candidate or applicant in the Selection Manager and click on the text bubble next to their name.

Enter any notes you may have about the applicant/candidate and then click 'Attach File'. 

After you've located the document you would like to attach, click 'Add Comment' to save the changes.  Once you have added your comment, you and your fellow hiring managers and team members will be able to see the comment with the attachment by clicking back on the text bubble.

They will be able to see who left the comment and when.  You can also delete the comment altogether if you make a mistake or upload the document to the wrong candidate's record.

Last Updated:  7/17/2017

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