Can I email a candidate through my Hireology account?

Yes!  By emailing your candidates through your Hireology account, you will be able to log all outgoing emails to better track your candidates throughout the hiring process.

To send an email to one of your candidates, click the 'Candidates' tab from any page within your Hireology account then search for the person you would like to contact. Once the appear in your search, click on their name.

Towards the upper, lefthand side of the page, you will see the person's name and directly below, their email address. Click their email address.

After you click their email, a separate window will appear where you can build out your email. From here, you can choose whether you would like to use a template or create an email from scratch. (Need to know how to create your own templates?  Find out here.)

Want to use a template to create your email?  Select the drop down arrow next to the Subject field. A list of all templates available in your Hireology account will appear.  Click on the name of the template you would like to use and the body of the email will automatically populate.  Make any edits you wish to the email then click 'Send'.

Prefer to create an email from scratch?  Type out your email in the body and use the toolbar to format the message to your own preference. Don't forget to type in a Subject! Click 'Send'.

Looking for a record of which email(s) you've sent to a candidate?  Click here.

Last Updated:  4/30/2019

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