Can I manually add a candidate?

Yes!  You can either add a candidate from your existing pool in your Hireology account or you can create a new candidate profile manually with the information you already have. Both of these options are available from the Jobs page where all of your applicants/candidates are stored.

Existing Candidate:
Click the 'Add Existing Applicant/Candidate' button and begin typing the candidate's name.

Once your candidate appears, click on their name and they will appear in your active pool of candidates for the position.

New Candidate:
Click 'Add New Applicant/Candidate' from within the job.

You will be prompted to enter at least the candidate's name and email. You can enter any contact information you have along with any documents the candidate supplied. Once you have all information entered, click 'Save Candidate' to enter them into your active pool.

Last Updated:  4/30/2019

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