Can I share a job on my company's social media sites?

Yes!  You can share any open job in your Hireology account with your company's Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts.  There are two ways to accomplish this - you can either share your job through the Job Page or through the Job Profile page.

Job Page
To share through the Job Page, click the 'Share Job Link' button on the upper, right hand side of the page.

Next, select the social media site you would like to post your job on.  Hireology has direct integrations with Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

For each of the social media sites, a separate pop up will appear and prompt you to log into the site in order to share.  You will also have the opportunity to customize a message to catch your followers' interest.

Job Profile Page
From the job profile page, just simply click on the icon of the social media site you wish to share your job with.

Last Updated: 8/9/2017

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