I ordered hard skills tests on my candidate. Now what?

First things first, your candidate will receive an email from no-reply@hireology.com with an invitation to complete the assessment(s). This email will contain all of the information necessary to successfully complete this portion of your hiring process. 

The candidate needs to click on the link at the bottom of the email to complete the assessments. The system will run through a quick check to ensure the candidate's computer is configured correctly before they will be allowed to proceed.

Note: If the candidate is taking more than one assessment, please inform them that there may be lag time in between assessments and to NOT close out the window when they finish the first test. 

Once the candidate completes the assessments, the score reports will be generated. The person that ordered the assessment on the candidate within your Hireology account will receive an email notification with the results attached. You will also be able to view all results within your Hireology account.

Last Updated: 6/15/2017

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