Can I change my career page URL?

If you change your company name and would like to change the associated subdomain in your career page URL, you can easily do so.  In order to change the URL, we should probably let you know that only the Account Owner has the permissions to make the update.

Start by clicking on your User Settings menu then select 'Billing' from the dropdown.

Next, click 'Change URL' under the 'Account Details' heading. 

Once you're satisfied with your new subdomain, click 'Change Our URL' to save the changes. 

NOTE: If you have job boards posted through Hireology or posted outside of Hireology, you may need to update the URL in these job postings to allow easy navigation for applicants. Changes to your career page URL may take up to 24 hours to update on organic job feeds hosted through Hireology.

Last Updated: 2/14/2019

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