How do I customize my Career Site/Widget?

To begin customizing your Career Site start by going to the Settings & Administration page of your account (Click Settings > Settings).

Next, click 'Career Site' from your Settings page.

Under the Career Site tab, we give you a whole slew of customization tools to give your site the look and feel that best reflects your company's culture and message.

Want to change the contact email address at the bottom of your career site?  You can do so by entering/changing the email in the field next to 'Career Site' email.  Remember to click update to save your changes!

Have a preference for the order your open jobs show up in?   Drag and drop the job titles until you've found the perfect ordering.  Remember to click 'Update' to save your changes!

Want to include links to your social media sites on your Career Site?  You can!  Check the boxes and enter in the URL to your company's social media sites.  Remember to click 'Update' to save your changes!

Not happy with the color of the font on your Career Site?  Change it!  Click in the color field under the 'Career Widget Settings' heading and adjust until you've found your favorite hue.

A color selector will appear, adjust according to your preferences.  After you've decided, click the small color wheel in the lower, righthand corner of the pop up to save your selection.  (Note:  You can see a preview prior to saving any changes.)  Remember to click 'Update' to save your changes!

Want to write your own Welcome message to potential candidates viewing your Career Site?  Type out your description and add pictures if you're so inclined under the 'Welcome Text' heading.  Remember to click 'Update' to save your changes!

Want to see an entire demonstration on all customization features?  Click here.

Last Updated:  7/31/2018

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