Can I integrate Hireology into my company's career page on our website? How?

Embedding a Widget

We provide each account with a specific widget code that you can use to embed Hireology on your website. This allows any applicants who land on your website to apply through Hireology site.

  1. Click on ‘Hi [Your Name]’ in the upper right hand corner of the account

  2. Select 'Settings' from the dropdown menu

  3. Click on the ‘Career Site’ tab

  4. Towards the middle of the page, you will see a box titled ‘Career Widget’. Copy this code in the box and send to the person who manages your website

  5. They will use this code to embed Hireology on your website.

Embedding a Custom Career Site

When you purchase a custom career site through Hireology, we will build the site for you. When the site is built, we first get customer approval. Once we have the approval, we work to get this new career site live on your website.

  1. Email the custom career site link over to the person who manages the website (internal contact or website provider).

  2. This person will work to embed this new site under the ‘Employment’ tab of the website.

  3. Once live, all applicants will apply through the Hireology system.

Last Updated:  4/30/2019

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