I ordered tests/assessments/checks for my candidate, what kind of email should I tell them to look out for?

Hireology uses outside vendors to administer all tests, assessments, background and reference checks. For this reason, your candidate will receive emails from different email addresses, depending on what you sign them up for. Below is a list of the email addresses your candidates should look out for after you've ordered testing.

Background Checks - customer_service@accuratebackground.com 
Reference Checks - referencechecks@hireology.com <donotreply@skillsurvey.com>
Caliper Assessments - caliperassessments@calipercorp.com
DiSC Assessments - arobinson@inscape-epic.com
Skills Test - no-reply@hireology.com via skillcheck.com

Please note that depending on your candidate's security settings, these emails can occasionally end up in spam/junk folders.

Last Updated:  12/21/2016

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