What do the different statuses for the Prescreen Survey mean?

The status of the Prescreen Survey for each candidate will either be 'Send', 'Sent', or will appear as a percentage depending on a few different factors.

'Sent' - If the status says 'Sent', this means the survey email has been sent to the candidate and it is waiting to be completed.  The status will say 'Sent' regardless of whether the email was sent automatically based on your hiring process settings (the steps to update your hiring process can be found here) or whether it was sent manually by a hiring manager.

'Send' - A status of 'Send' indicates the survey has not been sent to the candidate.  By clicking on the icon, you have the ability to send an email to the candidate to request the survey be completed straight through your Hireology account.  Once the email has been sent, the status will change to 'Sent'.

Percentage - If a percentage is next to the candidate's name under the 'Survey' heading, this means the candidate has completed the survey and they have been scored.  This percentage is calculated based on the number of true/false questions the candidate answered "correctly", which you determined during the initial job set-up process.  To view how the candidate responded to the survey, you can do so by clicking on the number.  You can use this information as a screening process to determine whether or not you would like to proceed with the next steps in your interview process with the candidate.

Last Updated:  8/17/2017

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