Is there a way to move candidates into another job in my account?

There are three ways to add a candidate to the active pool for another open job in your account. 

One: From the Selection Manager, choose the job you want to add the candidate to then can click "Add Existing Candidate/Applicant" and type in the candidates name. Click their name, and they will be instantly added.

Two: Start by clicking the magnifying glass then begin typing the candidate's name.  Once it appears in the search results, click on their name.

Under 'Associated Jobs', click in the box next to 'Add [candidate's name] to'.  A drop down menu will appear, you can either find the job by scrolling or type it in the search box until it appears.  Make sure to click 'Update' when you have added the candidate to the new job for the changes to save.

Three: Lastly, you can move a candidate to another job by using our transfer feature. This option will also allow you to transfer surveys, completed interviews, background checks, and/or reference checks from one job to another.

If you have multiple accounts to accommodate for all of the locations under your umbrella, you can also use this method to move the candidate from one account to another.

Start by going to the Report Card page then click on the 'Share Candidate' button. Select 'Transfer'.

Choose the location and the job you'd like to move your candidate to from the dropdown menus. Check the boxes off to all of the completed pieces of information you'd like to transfer with the candidate's record then click the 'Transfer' button.

Last Updated:  7/17/2017

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