How do I create a new User Type?

To create/edit user types, Click on 'Hi' in the upper right hand corner of the account, then select 'Users' from the dropdown menu.

Click the 'Roles & Permissions' tab.

Here, you can either duplicate a current role and make adjustments as needed or create a brand new role from scratch.

To duplicate, find the role you would like to repurpose and click the 'More' button. Select 'Duplicate Role' from the dropdown. Uncheck and/or check the boxes next to the permissions you would like to assign to this role and give it a name, click 'Save'.

To create a new User Role, click the 'Add New User Role' button towards the right hand side of that page. Give it a name, select the items a user with this permission level will ultimately be able to see and/or do, click 'Save'.

If you want to change the user type for one of the users in your account, learn how to do so here.

Last Updated:  11/17/2017

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