How can I invite someone to apply to my job directly?

If you want to share your job with potential candidates, you have the option to either manually enter their information into Hireology and send an application to them, or you can send them an invitation to apply for the position via email. You can also use this process to share the opportunity with your your company's Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn followers.

The best way to invite a candidate to apply to your position is by using the 'Share Job Link' feature, and sending the position to their email address. You can do this on the specific job page by clicking 'Share' and clicking the 'Email Job' option.  This will send them a direct link to apply to your job, and they will appear in your Hireology account (with all of their information) as soon as they submit their application.

Once the modal pops up, you can then select whether you would like to send an email or post to your social media sites.

Last Updated:  8/3/2017 

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