How do I create/edit email templates?

Step One: To create new templates, go to the User menu then click the 'Settings' from the dropdown menu.

Step Two: Click on the 'Email Templates' tab then decide whether you want to edit a current template, or create a new email template.

To view an existing template, click the template title, which will then open the template and allow you to edit. You can also attach a document by clicking 'Attach File to Email', and selecting a file from your computer.

To create a new template, click 'Create a New Email Template' at the very bottom of the page. 

The 'Title' line is your internal-facing title.  You would call this something like 'Rejection Letter', for example, so you know what the email pertains to.  You will then use the 'Subject' line as the candidate-facing subject that will appear in the candidate's inbox.  For instance, if you 'Title' your email template 'Rejection Letter', you don't want that to be your subject line the candidate sees so you would enter your subject line as 'Hireology Follow-Up'...this sounds a little nicer than in your face REJECTION LETTER.

You can also use brackets [ ] to have the templates automatically pull information like your company name or the candidates name.

Hireology currently has the following dynamic fields available to put into your templates:
  • Job Name:  [Job Name]
  • Hiring Manager's Email:  [Email]
  • Company:  [Company]
  • Hiring Manager's Name:  [Hiring Manager]
  • Candidate's Name:  [Candidate]
  • Survey Link: [Survey Link]
  • Candidate Name: [Candidate Name]
  • Sender: [Sender]
  • Date:  [Date]
  • Company's Address: [Address]
  • Company's City: [City]
  • Company's State: [State]
  • Company's Zip/Postal: [Zip/Postal]
*Please note the tags are case sensitive.

Step Three
: Click 'Save Templates' at the bottom to save your edits or newly created template.

Last Updated:  2/10/2020

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