How do I change a candidate's status?

In each tab of your Selection Manager, there are a few different things you can do to change your candidate/applicant's status for that particular job.


On the 'Applicants' tab, you can reject them using the thumbs down or move them from applicant to candidate status.  By moving them to Candidates, you are separating them out from the rest of the pack with the intention of moving forward with the next step in your hiring process.


From the 'Candidates' tab, you have the ability to remove the candidate from the running by rejecting them or marking them as 'Hired' in your account.  Hiring the candidate will move them to your 'Hired' tab for this particular job and will also be reflected in your reporting.  Rejecting the candidate will move them to your 'Inactive' tab for future reference or consideration.


If you accidentally moved a candidate/applicant to 'Inactive' status or had a change of heart, you can easily move them back to active status by clicking on the 'Move to Candidates' button.

Last Updated:  7/17/2017

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