How do I sponsor a post to a job board?

To post to a job board, first click on 'Jobs & Candidates', then click on the job you want to post. Make sure you are on the 'Open Jobs' tab!

Once you are on the page for the job you want to post, click 'Promote' on the top right side of the page.  This will bring up the job posting options, where you can choose which boards you'd like to post the job to.

After you've clicked the 'Promote' button, you will be directed to our job board selection page.  Click the check boxes next to the job boards you would like to post to then click 'Next'.

Lastly, you will be able to review your order before confirming the purchase.  One note on this:
  • Depending on which job board you choose, you may be prompted to enter some additional information on the next page before you will be able to complete the order.  For instance, if you choose Craigslist, we're going to ask you which job category and Craiglist site you would like to post your job on.
Once your order has been completed, your sponsored post will appear on the selected job board(s) within 24 hours!

To learn more about Hireology's Sourcing Solutions, please visit our blog post.

Last Updated:  4/16/2018

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