The Hireology Mobile App Getting Started Guide

The Hireology mobile app is a great tool for hiring managers to connect with new applicants quickly and kickstart the hiring process. You can download our app for your phone by visiting or searching for Hireology in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. We currently support any modern iPhone or Android device.

Logging into the Hireology App

Once you download and open the Hireology app, you’ll use your same Hireology username and password you use to log in to our desktop experience.

Need to reset your password? Tap Forgot password from the login screen to start the password reset process.

After you log in, you’ll be presented with the new Hireology home screen, showing the total of applicants ready for review as well as your open jobs that have new applicants. It’s up to you to take a look at all new applicants, or start with a specific job.

Viewing Applicant Details

Each applicant card will display important applicant details:

  • The company or location where the role is based

  • The specific role the applicant submitted an application for

  • The city and state of the location

Note: If the applicant has applied to other roles, you will see this listed directly under their name. Tapping on this link will display all previously-applied to jobs including the role, location, and date of last activity.

Additionally, you can see the following communication options:

  • Call - Tap to initiate an applicant phone call

  • Email - Tap to email the applicant

  • SMS - Tap to send a text message from the app using a Hireology phone number

You can also view more candidate details from this card:

  • View documents - Review any uploaded files, including the application or resume

  • Prescreen survey - Beyond the displayed survey score, tap to see how the applicant answered specific questions

  • Share - Initiate a candidate transfer to send the candidate to another hiring manager or location

Taking Action on the Applicant

The bottom of the app presents three available actions to take once you review the applicant:

  • Decline - choose to not move forward with the applicant, allowing you to send a delayed rejection letter and specify an optional disposition code

  • Skip for now - keeps the applicant at the applicant stage so you can take action later

  • Advance - move the applicant to the next step in your hiring process, including sending an optional follow-up email for interview availability

Declining Applicants

If you choose to decline an applicant, a confirmation screen will offer the option to send a rejection email based on saved templates in your Hireology account. You can choose to edit the template using the Edit email button. Additionally, tapping on the date will allow you to select a different day to send the follow-up to the applicant. Hiring managers also have the option to select a disposition code to help with internal record keeping.

Once you click Decline, the applicant will no longer be in your review queue, with Hireology scheduling any requested follow-up messages with the optional disposition code saved to their record. Declined candidates can be found in the Inactive Candidates tab in your desktop account.

Advancing Applicants

If you choose to advance an applicant, a confirmation screen displays the chosen email template as part of your hiring process with the ability to edit the message. You also have the ability to change the follow-up date, or toggle the follow-up message to “off” if you prefer not to send this note via Hireology.

Tapping Advance will change the status of the applicant to candidate, and you will be able to find their record in the Candidates tab in your desktop account.

Reviewing All Applicants

Once an applicant is advanced, declined, or skipped, you’ll be taken to review the next new applicant for your open positions. You will be presented with the opportunity to review any available applicants until you are caught up.

Once you review all of your job applicants, you’ll be presented with a message letting you know you’re all caught up.

Support & Troubleshooting

If you have questions or experience an issue using the Hireology app, tap the green menu icon in the upper left of your screen, and select Contact Hireology. This will direct you to our support portal.

Additionally, you can contact support by calling 312-283-3610, or emailing Our team is available from 8:30am - 5pm Chicago time, Monday - Friday.

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