Getting Started with Document Collection

Document Collection offers hiring managers a simple way to collect certification documents and materials from candidates in a streamlined manner that reduces manual email correspondence while providing a better candidate experience. With document collection added to your Hireology platform, you’ll be able to speed up the hiring process while focusing on the quality candidates that are capable – and certified – to meet the demands of your open roles. Read below on how to add document collection to your Hireology account, and the best ways to get started with this feature.

Document Collection Requirements

Document collection is offered as part of our onboarding package that may be an upgrade if you are utilizing our base platform today. Along with document collection, this upgraded tier also includes Hireology’s digital onboarding solution, allowing you to create customized onboarding programs to quickly ramp new hires and have them prepared to start their new roles more effectively. Our onboarding suite is powered by Click Boarding, an industry leader in onboarding solutions, which is tightly integrated with the Hireology platform.

Learning More about Onboarding

To get more details on our onboarding + document collection solution, including pricing, please reach out to your customer success manager or email

Starting Document Collection on a Candidate

Once you work with your Hireology team to enable and setup your initial document collection process, you will see a new Qualification Documents section under each candidate in the Candidates tab of any open Hireology job. Click into this tab and choose the “Start Collecting Documents” button to officially start the document collection process.

Once clicked, a modal window will appear, asking you to select one of the pre-built document collection processes saved in your Hireology account. You’ll be able to see the specific documents in the Process Preview in the center of the window. Select the appropriate process for your role and confirm by clicking Start.

Managing Document Collection Steps

After confirming the document collection process, the Qualification Documents window will update with each document step, along with new status icons to quickly show you which documents are outstanding, completed, or need manager action - like in the case of e-Verify. Here is a legend on the document collection status icons:

  • Orange clock: This step is still outstanding and needs to be submitted by the candidate

  • Green check: This step has been completed by the candidate and is ready for review

  • Red Exclamation: This step requires manager action

  • Gray “No” Symbol: This step was declined from the candidate

Cancelling Document Collection

At any time, a hiring manager can cancel document collection. This can happen if a candidate withdraws from consideration, another candidate is selected, or any other reason to pause the candidate process. If this occurs, a hiring manager can click the “Stop Collecting Documents” button in the lower right of the Qualifications Documents screen. A dialog will appear to confirm the request, with the option to log a reason to cancel collection. This allows the hiring manager to note the reason should the candidate apply to future positions.

Once confirmed, a hiring manager can click Stop to terminate the document collection process. The screen will refresh, clearing out any completed or outstanding steps, and the status will be refreshed in the upper right to Cancelled. The Manager always has the option to Restart Collecting Documents by clicking this green action button in the middle of the Qualification Documents screen.

Viewing Document History

Uploaded documents are included in the candidate’s history captured by Hireology. You can view all activity in the History tab of the Candidate screen. New filters on the right side of the history view will allow the user to drill down and view history for documents only, allowing managers to quickly filter through uploaded documents without seeing other candidate history.

Viewing Uploaded Documents

Once a candidate provides a qualification document, the status of this specific step will change to a green checkmark, informing the hiring manager that the step has been completed. Hiring managers can click on this step to download a PDF copy of the uploaded document to their computer for review, storage, and future use.

The Candidate Experience

Beyond the organization document collection offers to hiring managers, it’s also a great experience for your candidates. As soon as the hiring manager clicks to “Star Collecting Documents,” an email will be sent to the applicant asking them to create a secure account that requests a username and password, along with security questions so they can safely upload their documentation.

Once they create an account and login with their credentials, they will be presented with an overview of the documents they are required to submit as part of the candidate process in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step format. Clicking on each step presents the candidate with a screen to easily upload their file and to confirm the upload using the Submit button.

The candidate experience works with desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones, ensuring that candidates can manage the document process from virtually any device.

Document Collection FAQs

Can I use document collection with my base subscription to Hireology?

Document collection requires our upgraded onboarding suite to manage the process for hiring managers and your candidates.

Can I track expiration dates for certifications, immunization records or other time-sensitive materials with document collection?

Currently, tracking time-sensitive materials aren’t supported by the document collection experience. We recommend teams using a centralized document to track expiring team certifications or leveraging a HRIS system to track up-to-date accreditations.

If a candidate is made inactive in Hireology, will that automatically terminate the document collection process for the candidate?

Making a candidate inactive before ending document collection steps will not automatically prevent a candidate from uploading new materials. We recommend that hiring managers first use the “stop collecting documents” action before making a candidate inactive to ensure the process stops correctly.

Can I run multiple document collection steps and/or onboarding programs for a single candidate?

For the best candidate experience, hiring managers can only choose one document collection process and one onboarding process per candidate. Each process can include multiple documents to collect and new hire steps to satisfy the needs of virtually all new hires.

If I transfer a candidate to a new job or location, will in-progress documents also be sent along with the candidate record?

Due to different roles or locations having different onboarding or document collection processes, in-progress documents will be lost if a candidate begins to submit documents before they are transferred. We recommend not starting the document collection process until the hiring manager confirms the candidate is applying to the correct role at the right location.

How does pricing work with onboarding and document collection? Am I charged by document or document collection process triggered by each candidate?

Like our standard onboarding offering, you will only be charged per onboarded hire no matter how many candidates you begin to request documents from.

Can candidates upload documents out of order?

For the best experience, we require candidates to upload documents in order to follow the document collection process. Most candidates should have their certification records ready, so this should be an easy experience for the candidate to complete.

What devices are supported for candidates to upload from?

Document collection is mobile friendly, supporting a variety of modern smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

What if a candidate does not have a document for a step that isn’t required?

If you have a document collection step that isn’t a requirement and the candidate does not possess this document, they will be able to bypass the step by simply choosing the Submit button before uploading any document. The workflow will simply create a blank placeholder document to certify they skipped the step which will be available to review.

If I cancel document collection early, will I be charged for using the process?

We will not bill any activity during document collection. Only new hires following a Hireology onboarding process will impact your billed subscription for our onboarding suite.

How do I update or add onboarding or document collection processes?

We are happy to help you manage your onboarding steps. Just reach out to your customer success representative, or contact for more details on making updates to your saved document collection or onboarding processes.

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