Offer Letter

Offer Letter is a great new feature that will allow you to extend a customized offer to candidates as a part of your hiring process. Candidates will receive the offer letter as an attachment in the job offer email. They will be able to accept the offer with an eSignature, and their offer letter information will be accessible right within their candidate profile.

In this article, we’ll cover how to create a new Offer Letter template, how to add an Offer Letter hiring step to a job, and how to customize and send the Offer Letter out to candidates.

Creating a new Offer Letter Template

To create a new Offer Letter template, first visit Hiring Steps from your main Hireology menu bar. From Hiring Steps, you’ll notice a new Offer Letter tab. Clicking into this section will show the two pre-loaded Offer Letter templates - Basic Offer Letter & At-Will Offer Letter, and any existing templates your team has created.

This page will also give you the ability to create a new Offer Letter template by clicking the ‘Create’ button. In the offer letter builder, type the desired text into the Offer Document section. This text can include many different dynamic fields, which are all listed out to the left side of the page and in the ‘Dynamic Fields’ dropdown menu box.

Require an acceptance eSignature from the candidate by checking off the ‘Require eSignature’ box on the left hand side of the page.

Pick a name for the new Offer Letter template, and hit save to have this be an available Offer Letter hiring step.

Editing an Existing Offer Letter Template

To modify an existing template, visit the Offer Letter section of Hiring Steps and select the template from the list you’d like to edit. You can see how many jobs are currently using each checklist, and choose to archive an Offer Letter if it's no longer used.

Selecting an existing offer letter will take you to the offer letter builder. From here, you can rename, edit, or delete that offer letter template. Clicking Save will update the checklist for all users and jobs currently using that Offer Letter as a hiring step.

Adding an Offer Letter to a New or Existing Job

To add Offer Letter to a job, navigate to step 3, Hiring Steps, when opening/editing a job. Click “Add Hiring Steps” at the bottom of the list. Select Offer Letter, then move forward to the Preview step to make sure your job looks good and select Save/Exit to open the job.

Sending an Offer Letter

When you are ready to send out the offer letter to your candidate, click on the Offer Letter tab within a candidate’s profile. Once on the offer letter page, an offer letter template can be selected, or you can choose ‘Create New Template’ to build out a new offer letter template from scratch.

After selecting the template, you will select the start date and compensation details. Those dynamic fields will populate in the text of the letter. Once the letter has been reviewed, click ‘Create Offer’. This will populate the Job Offer email template, with the Offer Letter attached at the bottom. Review/edit this email, and then click ‘Send’ at the bottom of the window.

Once the candidate accepts or declines the offer, the hiring manager will receive an email notification with this update. If the candidate declines the offer, they will be given the option to select a reason for the decline, and to add additional comments. Those details will be listed out in the Offer Letter tab of their candidate profile. To send a new offer letter, simply click the “Revise Offer” button under the Offer Letter tab.

If the offer is accepted, you will also be able to review the eSignature and accepted offer letter in the Offer Letter tab of their candidate profile.

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