Setting up your Hireology // Jobs on Facebook Integration

Jobs on Facebook - Overview and Integration Setup

Integrating Your Hireology Jobs with Your Facebook Business Page

Hireology launched a new integration with Jobs on Facebook. Through this integration, jobs created in Hireology can automatically appear on the Facebook Page for your business, in the jobs bookmark, in Marketplace, and the Facebook News Feed, helping you reach more applications across this popular social media network.

Once a job seeker submits an application via Facebook, the application data is pushed to the customer’s Hireology account for review.

Why connect your Hireology account and jobs to a Facebook Page?

As an employer, you can add your business’s Facebook Page Name to your Hireology account and have your jobs automatically pushed to your Facebook page and other surfaces listed above. Benefits of adding your URL and pushing jobs to Facebook include:

  • Exposure to Facebook’s expansive community, resulting in more applicants and a faster time to hire.

  • Additional employer branding on Facebook: Use pages to creatively interact with job seekers and help them learn about your business.

  • Improved distribution and visibility of your jobs to fans and followers of your Page.

  • A Jobs tab on your Page, to allow job seekers to easily navigate all the jobs you are hiring for.

If you do not have a Facebook Page for your business and would like to learn more about creating one, click here:

Who can setup this integration?

You must have the following permissions for your Hireology account as well as Facebook to setup this integration successfully:
  • You must be a Hireology administrator to access the Settings page.
  • You must be a Facebook administrator to turn on the Hireology integration. If you do not have these permissions, you must work with your Facebook administrator or agency to enable the integration steps presented below.
Once you verify you have the correct permissions in place, it’s simple to setup the integration.

How to connect your jobs to your Facebook Page?

Setting up integration steps in Hireology

  1. In your Hireology account, go to Settings, then Career Site, and scroll down to Social Media

  2. Make sure "Facebook" is checked to enable the integration, and add the full URL (including https://) for the Facebook Page for your business. As a best practice and to further optimize your jobs for Google, enter the URL for your LinkedIn and Twitter pages as well. It is important to provide accurate company information for better page matching performance.

  3. To complete the integration, on your Facebook Business page, go to Settings => Manage Jobs => Jobs From API Sources and make sure Hireology is connected

  4. Your Hireology account is now set for the Facebook integration. Note that it may take anywhere from 24 - 48 hours for Facebook to recognize and approve of these account changes to enable the integration. Once that amount of time passes, we are now good to enable the integration from your Facebook business profile.

Setting up integration steps in Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook as an administrator and visit your business page.

  2. Navigate to the Jobs Settings tab. Depending on your account and the current version of Facebook, this can be in a few different places:
    If your Facebook screen has a blue bar across the entire top, you can find this under Settings >>> Jobs

    If your Facebook is mostly white and you see a blue ball with an F inside in the upper left, click on More >>> Jobs in the top menu bar that’s just below and to the right of your logo.

  3. Once you get to the Jobs screen, you should see Hireology with the status of Disconnected. Click Connect to enable the integration. If you are not seeing this option, be sure you wait 24 - 48 hours after setting up your Hireology integration details in the above section.

  4. After clicking connect, any open jobs will begin to be shared across Facebook. It may take up to 30 minutes for jobs to begin getting shared across Facebook. Applicants on Facebook will be able to apply for these open roles, with their details going directly into your Hireology account.

*Please note that connecting your Page to Hireology will disable any jobs previously posted manually on your Page.

  • Any existing manually posted jobs may continue to receive applications until/unless they're closed/deleted - and these will still be sent to the Page’s Messenger inbox.

  • If you were previously creating jobs manually on and boosting them, this is now disabled since they have converted to the 3rd party automated creation of jobs from Hireology.

  • If you would like to continue boosting/promoting job listings, you can do so via Facebook’s existing ads tools. For more info on this, read more about Facebook’s advertising tools here.

What happens next?

  • Once the URL for the Facebook Page is added in Hireology, jobs are immediately searchable on Facebook once they have passed through integrity review, although they may not be immediately matched with a Page.

  • With an accurate Facebook Page URL provided in Hireology, the job will be presented to the Facebook Page Admin, who can choose to accept or deny the Page match.

  • If the Page admin accepts the match, the job will begin to appear associated with the Facebook Page.

  • If the Page admin does not accept or reject the job within seven days, it will automatically be matched to the Page and begin displaying as if it was accepted.

  • If an inaccurate Facebook Page URL is provided in Hireology, these jobs may get rejected and not matched to the Page.

  • As job seekers apply to open roles, application data can be automatically pushed to your Hireology account. The application will populate job history and other existing information available in the candidate's Facebook profile, which can be edited prior to submission, so they can control how much, or how little of their information is shared with potential employers.


How to track performance?

  • In Hireology Insights, see which channels deliver the most quality applicants, hires, and ROI. Measure the performance of applicants from Facebook against other sources to prioritize candidates and focus efforts on sources that drive the most quality applicants.

Why don't applicants from Facebook include their resume?
  • Facebook does not support file attachments in their application form. The only resume that gets passed to Hireology is one that Facebook generates based off of the information in the applicant's facebook profile. This is similar functionality to how Indeed Apply works.
  • For all applicant sources, we recommend using tools like the prescreen survey that applicants can automatically complete to help you focus on the top applicants. Learn more about our prescreen surveys and other in-platform verifications here.

Why don’t I see my jobs on facebook?
  • Make sure the Facebook URL in the Organizations → Setting Page matches your Facebook business page exactly
  • Make sure you have a website URL entered in your Settings page under Company Profile
  • Your organization must have an open job matched to a physical location to accept the connection. Currently, Facebook does not support remote jobs but hope to enable this soon.

Will my open jobs automatically show up on facebook once the integrations set up or do I need to reopen my jobs?
  • All existing jobs that are currently open will automatically go through once the connection is set up. There’s no need to clone or re-open just for Facebook.

Why can’t I see settings or manage jobs on the facebook business page?
  • Only Facebook page administrators can update job details for this integration.

Can I have multiple organizations link to one facebook page?
  • Not yet, but we are planning to support this feature coming in July, 2020.

Can applicants from Facebook include their resume?
  • No, unfortunately Facebook does not support file attachments in their application form. The only resume that gets passed to Hireology is one that Facebook generates based off of the information in the applicants facebook profile. This is similar behavior to Indeed apply.

Does facebook tell applicants about similar roles to mine from competitors?
  • Yes, but you can opt out by unchecking the “notify me about new job openings” check box.

What information is sent from Facebook to Hireology once an applicant applies?

  • The following applicant data can be pushed to your Hireology account. The application will populate job history and other existing information available in the candidate's Facebook profile, which can be edited prior to submission, so they can control the information shared with employers:
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Note: Facebook does not provide the option for job seekers to upload a resume. Instead, Facebook will create a resume based on the information selected by the job seeker.

If you have any additional questions, contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

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