Setting up your Hireology // Proliant Integration

Hireology partners with Proliant to help long-term care agencies streamline caregiver hiring, onboarding, and scheduling. Seamlessly transfer new hire data from your Hireology account directly into Proliant.


A Hireology customer needs to have an active Proliant account.


How to Activate 

  • Reach out to Hireology.

  • Let Hireology know that you are interested in setting up an integration with your Proliant account.

  • Contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

  • Hireology will take steps behind the scenes with Proliant to activate the integration.

  • Your Hireology Customer Success Manager will contact you once the integration has been completed.

  • Once activated, send new hire data from Hireology to Proliant.

  • To transfer data for a newly hired candidate, go to the Candidates tab and mark the candidate as hired.

  • The integration will automatically send data for all candidates marked as hired.

  • Access new hire data in Proliant

    • From the Proliant homepage (the default landing page upon login), click on Talent Acquisition -> E-Hire -> Employee List.

    • From the Employee List tab, review new hire data and synced fields in list view


Integration Support

Contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

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