How do I manage job-level integration settings?

Job-Level Integration Settings

When opening a new job, users now have the ability to select which integrations are enabled on a job by job basis.

Selecting Which Integrations Are Enabled/Disabled

  • Integrations can be enabled and disabled when setting up your Hiring Steps.

  • By default, available integrations are enabled.

  • To disable an integration, click the red “x” to the right of the integration. This step is completed on a job by job basis. If hiring for the same or similar role, you can use the “Recently Used” tab under hiring steps to speed up the process.

  • Once you have finalized your hiring steps and integrations, click Next.

  • When a new hire is made, only the integrations that have been enabled for that unique job will be visible under the “Hires” tab.

Adding an Integration to Be Synced After Making A Hire

  • To add a disabled integration to an already hired role,go to the “Hires” tab for the unique job you now want to sync.

  • Once there, go to the “More” tab and click “Edit Job.”

  • This will take you back to the Hiring Steps page where you can edit which integrations are enabled.

  • To add an integration, click “Add Integration.” A drop down menu will appear with all available integrations set up for your organization. Click on the integration you wish to add to the job and it will be added to the hiring steps list. Click “Save.”

  • After clicking “Save,” return to the Hires tab. You will now see the newly enabled integration.

  • To sync the information, click on “Sync.”

  • Once complete, a green check mark with the word “Synced” will appear. The information has now been transferred to the integration partner.

Integration Support

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