Setting up your Hireology // MatrixCare Integration

Hireology partners with MatrixCare to help private duty and home care agencies streamline caregiver hiring, onboarding and scheduling. Seamlessly transfer new hire data from your Hireology account directly into MatrixCare.


A Hireology customer needs to have an active MatrixCare account.

How to Activate 

  • Reach out to Hireology.

  • Let Hireology know that you are interested in setting up an integration with your MatrixCare account.

  • Contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

  • Hireology will take steps behind the scenes with MatrixCare Tech Services to activate the integration.

  • Enable the integration in your account.

  • After Hireology notifies MatrixCare of your desire to integrate your account, your MatrixCare Account Manager will email you a one-page authorization form. The authorization form must be printed, signed, and returned to before the integration process can move forward. Please note, the expected completion timeline for the integration is 7-10 days after the signed form has been received.

  • Once received, MatrixCare Tech Services will set user permissions on your MatrixCare account and send the credentials over to Hireology to complete the integration.

  • Once Hireology completes the integration, in your account, go to Settings.

  • From the Settings page, click on the Integrations tab.

  • Find MatrixCare among the list of available integrations and click Connect.

  • In the window:

    • Enter the MatrixCare tenant - This is provided by MatrixCare.

    • Enter your MatrixCare username and password - This is the username and password you have for MatrixCare, set up through the MatrixCare platform.

    • Click Save.

  • The system will make a connection between Hireology and MatrixCare, completing the integration. You will see MatrixCare listed in your Hireology account settings as Connected.

  • Send new hire data from Hireology to MatrixCare.

  • To transfer data for a newly hired candidate, first go to the Candidates tab and mark the candidate as hired.

  • Then go to the new hire’s record on the Hires tab.  

  • Find MatrixCare below the new hire’s name and click Sync.  

  • Select an Office and Status for the hire from the drop-down menu.

    • Note: The Status field is disabled until an office is selected. Status options reflect values as setup in the customer’s MatrixCare account.

  • When complete, click Save.

  • The following fields will be transferred over: First name, Last name, Email, Hire date, Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone, Status, Office

  • In Hireology, you will now see a green checkmark confirming that new hire data has been pushed to MatrixCare.

  • Access new hire data in MatrixCare.

  • From the MatrixCare homepage (the default landing page upon login), click on Caregivers.

  • From the Caregivers tab, review new hire data and synced fields in list view.

  • Resequence and sort data to create a Custom Layout based on your preferences.  

  • Filter columns to see application/hire/separation dates in a specific period.

Integration Support

Contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

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