How to Get Your Hireology Jobs on the Indeed Organic & Sponsored Feeds


Your jobs can be scraped or pulled directly into the Indeed organic feed from your career page. To put it simply, job scraping is the process of copying the job listings on your career site and posting them in the organic feed.

This is possible if (and only if) you meet Indeed’s Search Quality Standards. Policies and rules put forth by Indeed apply are outside of our contract.

While Hireology has no control over Indeed’s Search Quality Standards or policies, our customer success team is committed to helping you stay compliant and further diversify your recruitment channels. Review best practices to achieve maximum organic visibility. 

Here is an overview of this process:

  • Even though you may not have a direct relationship with Indeed, you need to submit a customer support ticket with their team via phone, email or chat.

  • Ask for your jobs to be added to the organic feed.

  • Once submitted, as long as there are no quality issues, they will provide organic visibility.

As needed, Hireology is happy to be on this call with you. Please email your dedicated Hireology Customer Success Manager or  

After contacting Indeed, we also recommend the following:

  • Ensure your career site widget is embedded. If you have Hireology’s Career Site product, make sure it is linked to your marketing website and content is updated following these best practices. If you need help integrating Hireology, learn more here.

  • Optimize your account and job postings for Google. Take these steps to ensure your job openings are seen in Google search results and receive maximum visibility from potential applicants.


While you cannot purchase a Sponsored Indeed post directly from Hireology, if you choose to purchase a sponsored post from Indeed, we provide step by step instructions to get applicant and performance data flowing through Hireology.

Last Updated: 11/13/2019

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