Job Board Visibility Best Practices

Best Practices to Achieve Maximum Job Board Visibility on Indeed

Organic Visibility - An Overview

Indeed sources job postings for its organic job board through a variety of means, including receiving jobs through a live feed from platforms like Hireology.

Employers also have the option to pay for premium sponsorship for their job posting to boost the posting’s visibility in a job seeker’s search results.

When we refer to organic visibility, it means that a job posting is “ranked solely by relevance or date” in an website visitor’s job search results. As newer or more relevant jobs are added, older posts will ultimately rank lower in search results over time.

Organic Visibility and Search Quality

Search Quality is central to Indeed’s mission and refers to the process that ensures search results for job seekers are free of spam, predatory offers and misleading listings. Indeed has an entire team dedicated to Search Quality and reviews all jobs submitted to determine their suitability. Jobs flagged for possible violations of search quality guidelines are held for review before being made visible in search results. Most are quickly cleared for inclusion but many are not.

Review the following guidelines to make sure your job postings go live and achieve organic visibility on Indeed:

Offer a Real Job.

Indeed is a search engine for jobs. Non-job content–including spam, scams and other offers–will not be shown to job seekers.

  • When using an existing job profile, remember to delete the words “MASTER PROFILE” from the title.

Specifics, not clickbait.

Make your job title the name of the particular job as it might appear on a business card, with no extra information or eye-catching gimmicks.

  • Only post one job title in the job title field. Posting “Caregiver/CNA” or “Auto Technician/Mechanic” might get your posts flagged as spam. Simply use “Caregiver” or “Auto Technician” instead.

  • Additional information such as “full time,” “signing bonus” or “needed now” is unnecessary and may result in your post being flagged as spam.

  • Use title case, not all capital letters.

  • Do not include the location or mention relocation within the job title description.

  • Avoid job titles like the following: Part-time CNA Certified Nursing Assistant NEEDED in Chicago - $200 Bonus!!!” and instead simply use “Certified Nursing Assistant.”

Job descriptions should include the particulars a qualified candidate would search for as well as other details you think are important.

  • Indeed will reject any job descriptions that are too short or that they deem to be “poor quality.”

  • Job descriptions should include several sentences and preferably include mention of your company overview, benefits/perks, day-to-day responsibilities and qualifications/requirements.

  • Do not list keywords or terms in the job description field. Instead, use your job description to highlight specifics about the job opening.

You can find more information on Indeed’s suggestions for crafting job titles and descriptions in this eBook.

Create Unique, Non-Duplicate Jobs

Duplicate listings posted within the same account will not be approved for organic visibility. It’s also confusing for job seekers to see multiple versions of the same job. If you create a new version of a job, make sure to close the old one.

Specify the Location in the Job Profile

  • Only list the city where the job is located or the nearest major city. Search results will automatically pull any city within a 25-mile radius. If you want to extend your reach outside this 25-mile radius, you need to open a second job profile.

  • As a best practice, include additional cities in the body of the job description. If you create multiple job postings in different geographic locations for a single position and don’t include these cities in the body of the job description, Indeed will consider this be “location blasting” and will reject your postings.

  • Do not include or mention relocation within the title or job description.

Avoid “General Recruitment Language”

It’s okay to source multiple candidates with one job posting, but the description should read as though it’s for one person.

This means there should be no mention of the following in the title or description:

  • Hiring for multiple roles within the same position (i.e. “Caregivers” should be “Caregiver” and “Auto Technicians” should be “Auto Technician”)

  • References to self-employment and commission only salaries

Don’t try to game the system.

Like other search engines, Indeed uses algorithms to provide the freshest, most relevant content in response to searches. Listings that attempt to exploit these principles by reposting roles within a short timeframe or posting roles in more locations than the job is offered for increased visibility will not be given the same visibility as a more relevant job.

  • We recommend refreshing your jobs after a reasonable amount of time. Hireology allows you to refresh a job with the click of one button. You have the option to refresh any of the jobs in your account 30 days after the initial open date.

  • If a job starts to see a significant decrease in traffic in this window, we recommend sponsoring the job for a boost in search results.

  • Reposting the job too frequently to have it placed higher in search results is not accepted and may result in the post being flagged as spam. Learn more about Indeed’s Job Reposting Guidelines here.

Make applications accessible and transparent. Job seekers should not have to navigate through complicated steps to begin the application process.

What Happens Next?

All jobs sent to Indeed are reviewed by Indeed’s Search Quality Team. The first time you submit your job postings, the process can be as fast as a few days or as long as a couple of weeks.

Their team reviews every aspect of your job posting and company to make sure the posting meets their criteria and that your company is legitimate. The good news is that once the team has reviewed your company and postings once, any subsequent job postings you submit should be posted within 24 hours, provided the postings meet Indeed’s guidelines.

Please note that Indeed does not give every reason why a job or a company may be removed and they always retain the right to removal if they feel it is in their interest or their users’ interest.

Remember, organic job boards are only one channel in a broader multi-channel recruitment strategy. If organic job boards are a part of your strategy, this article is designed to help you navigate the process of getting your postings approved by Indeed.

If you have any additional questions about increasing organic job board visibility for your open roles, contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or

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