Job Setup Feature - Adding Compensation Data to Drive Greater Job Visibility

Why Compensation Data Matters

  • Research proves that listing an exact physical address and compensation drives higher page ranking on Google for Jobs, allowing you to outrank competitors who do not share this information.

  • Job seekers are looking for salary information: 70% of professionals say they want to hear about salary.

Leverage these best practices in Hireology when completing the job setup to make your jobs more visible on organic search channels.

On the ‘Job Details’ page, you will now see the Compensation section. While these fields are optional to complete, we strongly recommend filling out these details to increase job visibility in Google for jobs search results.

There are three new fields:

  • Pay Rate

  • Pay Period

  • Pay Frequency

Including these fields are a great way to increase exposure for your open roles. Ensure you are including compensation details in your current positions, job templates and roles you plan to open in the future.

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