Predictive Index // Hireology Integration

For Hireology customers who have a subscription for The Predictive Index, this two-way integration allows users to see when behavioral and cognitive assessments have been completed, and access the results directly from Hireology.

Setting Up the Integration - Requesting an API Key from Predictive Index

Before you can begin to setup the integration, you will need an API Key from The Predictive Index to securely link the two systems. Requesting this key takes a few quick steps:

  • First, email to request API Access to be turned on for your PI account. It is also recommended that you include your PI representative on this email, but sending the request to this email is the fastest way to receive access.

  • After this is enabled, visit this link and follow the instructions to generate your API key. Save this key as you will need it below to link PI to your Hireology account.

Once you receive your key, you are ready to link The Predictive Index to your Hireology account by following the steps below.

Setting Up the Integration in Hireology

First, let your Hireology customer success manager know that you’re interested in setting up an integration with your Predictive Index account or send an email to about this integration. We will enable the integration on your Hireology account and email confirmation when this has been completed.

Once Hireology enables the integration, go to your Hireology Settings page and click the ‘Integrations’ link. Find Predictive Index among the list of available integrations and click the ‘Connect’ button.

Enter your unique API key that Predictive Index provided to you in the steps above to securely link the systems together.

The system will make a connection between Hireology and PI, completing the integration and showing a blue ‘Connected’ button to confirm the integration.

Using Predictive Index from Hireology

Once the integration is live, visit the testing tab on a candidate’s page to order a Predictive Index assessment. Two PI assessments are available to access from Hireology: behavioral and cognitive.

  • The Predictive Index behavioral assessment measures a candidate’s motivating drives and needs, and allows employers to determine candidate job fit.

  • The Predictive Index cognitive assessment measures a candidate’s ability to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position.

On the candidate skills testing page, users will see the PI behavioral and cognitive assessments listed. Select the appropriate job title and assessment(s) for the candidate. The job title drop down lists all the jobs a user has configured in Predictive Index. Please note: Users must first ensure a job exists in Predictive Index with a defined target for an assessment in order to see Match Scores for that type of assessment for candidates in Hireology.

  • To assign an assessment target to a job in Predictive Index, go to 'Hire' in the top navigation, then select 'Create a New Job.' For existing jobs, go to Hire and then select Set a Job Target.

  • After the assessment (or assessments) have been selected on the candidate skills testing page, users will see an order confirmation with a $0 charge listed.

  • After the assessment has been ordered, users will see the assessment listed on the testing tab on the candidate’s page with the date that the test was sent to the candidate.

  • When the candidate completes the assessment, their score and a full PDF report of their results will be displayed.

Predictive Index FAQs

Are we charging for access to Predictive Index?

No, this is a free integration available to Hireology customers who currently have a Predictive Index subscription.

When customers complete a skills test order for Predictive Index, the total charge will always display as $0.

How should Hireology customers get access to their Predictive Index API key to complete the integration setup process?

Hireology customers will need to contact their PI support representative to get their API key using the steps outlined in the “Setting up the Integration” section.

Is it required for users to select a job on the candidate skills testing page?

No, you are not required to select a job on the candidate skills testing page. However, if a user orders a Predictive Index assessment through Hireology and the candidate completes the assessment without a job being assigned to it, users will not see an assessment score for that candidate in Hireology.

To assign an assessment target to a job in Predictive Index, go to 'Hire' in the top navigation, then select 'Create a New Job.' For existing jobs, go to Hire and then select Set a Job Target.

What information will users see in their Hireology account from Predictive Index?

You will be able to order PI assessments (at no additional charge to their existing PI subscription), view the date the assessment was sent to the candidate and the date it was completed. You will also be able to view the assessment score and download a full PDF report of the results once the candidate completes the test.

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