Setting up your Hireology // Paylocity Integration

Hireology now integrates with Paylocity to better help you automate and streamline your onboarding process, and seamlessly transfer new hire data from your Hireology account into Paylocity.

How to Activate:
Let your Hireology customer success manager know that you’re interested in setting up an integration with your Paylocity account.

To start the integration setup process, complete the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange form found here, and email the completed form to Paylocity at

You will also need to note whether you are a current Paylocity Onboarding customer, or if you will be using the Paylocity Staging product (staging is for Paylocity customers who use payroll or other products and haven’t purchased Paylocity Onboarding). You can use Paylocity Staging at no additional cost to capture and transfer new hire data from Hireology into Paylocity, and avoid duplicate entry into two different systems.

Steps to Sync New Hires:

  1. After the Paylocity and Hireology support teams receive your request and enable the integration within both systems on your behalf, you will see Paylocity listed in your Hireology account settings as Connected.
  2. To transfer data for a newly hired candidate, first mark the candidate as hired. Then go to the applicant’s record on the Hires tab and select Paylocity.
  3. Enter a unique username for each new hire you want to sync; duplicates will not be allowed. Usernames must be between 3 and 20 characters in length and cannot include special characters other than a period or underscore. No username is needed if you are integrating with Paylocity Staging.
  4. Once synced, new hire data will be displayed in Paylocity on the employee search dashboard and in the employee pick list when launching an event packet.
Integration Support:
Contact your Hireology customer representative to get started integrating Paylocity with your active Hireology account.

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