How can I best identify quality applicants?

After you have opened a job and start receiving applications from prospective talent, there are two tactics you can use to quickly identify the most qualified applicants you want to move forward with in your hiring process.

Create a prescreen survey Prescreen surveys allow you to prequalify applicants and immediately determine if they meet the criteria (skills, experience, etc.) you have set for your open role. You can create custom surveys that ask applicants specific questions about how their background aligns with your requirements. Consider including questions whether or not candidates have certifications, licenses or availability that the role requires.

Sort applicants by source Within the job itself, you can organize your applicants by the source they came from, such as a career site, Applicant Engine, or specific job boards. This feature allows you to easily prioritize which candidates you want to review first based on source. With career sites driving as much as 85% of quality applicants and over 30% of all eventual hires, reviewing applicants who applied from your Hireology-hosted career site is a great place to start when prioritizing candidates.

Last Updated: 2/7/2020

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