How do I use reference parameters for advanced source tracking?

A reference parameter is a way to track information about clicks to a specific URL. Hireology users can add custom parameters to the URLs of open jobs, allowing for advanced tracking of clicks to your job board postings from multiple sources.

Start by copying the unique URL of the job you want to post to a third party site (such as Indeed or a local job board). To do this, navigate to the 'Jobs' page then select the job you need the URL for. Once on the Jobs page, click the 'Share Job' button and copy the URL.

Add the words?ref=source to the end of the job URL, naming the source you want to track. For example, the following URL has a reference parameter to track clicks from an indeed_sponsored source:

Submit a test application using the URL with the reference parameter attached. Then, go to ‘Applicants’ to tab to find the test application and verify that the named source appears. For example, below Indeed_sponsored is listed as the source of the applicant.

Custom parameters are also displayed as sources in Insights where you can see the number of quality applicants, hires and conversions driven from each named source.

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