Using Dynamic Fields in Text Messages

Use dynamic fields to personalize text messages without having to remember to fill in the blanks every time. 

You can easily customize text messages by adding dynamic fields to either an individual text message via the selection manager or an SMS template in your Settings under the "SMS Templates" tab. Available dynamic fields include:
  • Candidate first name
  • Candidate full name
  • Sender full name
  • Sender email
  • Company name
  • Job name
  • Hiring manager
  • SmartRank survey link
  • Company address - street
  • Company address - city
  • Company address - state
  • Company address - zip/postal
  • Current date
Dynamic fields for sender name and email, and company name and address pull directly from the information listed in your Settings menu. Be sure to confirm that individual and organization profile information is correct before using these fields in text messages!

Last Updated: 2/6/2019

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