Mass Texting

If you would like to contact multiple applicants/candidates at the same time with the same message, you can do so using the mass texting feature in your Hireology account.

To start, click on the "Jobs" tab from the navigation bar towards the upper, left hand corner of your Hireology account.

Next, click on the job the applicants/candidates you would like to contact are currently living in.

Check the boxes next to all of the individuals you wish to communicate with then click the "SMS" button on the menu bar within the job.

Once you click the "SMS" button, an additional modal will appear where you can compose your message from scratch or use one of your templates. Click the "Send" button to fire off your message to your contacts!

NOTE: You will not be able to send mass texts to candidates who have opted-out of receiving SMS. If a candidate who opted out is selected to receive a mass SMS, their name and phone number will be highlighted in red in the Send Mass SMS Message pop-up window. 

Last Updated: 2/6/2019

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