Can I use Hireology for internal openings?

Yes! Hireology offers the flexibility to post for your open positions both publicly and internally with your teams.

How does it work?

For starters, let's review what it means to have your job posted publicly. When a job is "Public" it will be visible on the career site, included in our job board feed and posted to all organic job boards.

Having your job listed as "Internal" means that it will not appear on the job boards OR your Hireology-hosted career site or widget. When a job’s visibility is Internal it will only be accessible to an applicant if they are provided with the direct link to the job itself. (Not sure where to find this link? We got you covered, click here.)

So now that we know how it works, how do you set it up?

Begin by opening up a new job. You can use either option -- start building a new job from scratch or utilize one of the existing profiles available to you in your Hireology account.

Instructions to build a new job from scratch can be found here. If you're using an existing profile, you can find out how to do so here.

Click through all of the steps in the set up profile: your title and description, hiring steps, and final review. Upon clicking the "Finish" button, you'll be prompted to choose between leaving your job in pending, posted to the public, or keep it internal.

What if the job is already open? Can I update the visibility?

We got you covered here too! You can change this at any time by updating the status from within the job itself by clicking 'Visibility' and selecting 'Internal' from the dropdown menu.

Last Updated: 5/2/2019

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