Sending & Receiving Applicant Text Messages

How to send a text message to an applicant

To get started, click the ‘SMS’ icon to send a message to an applicant or candidate. If the individual you wish to text is in “Candidate” status, you’ll see the icon next to their phone number in your Selection Manager. If the individual is still in “Applicant” status, you will first need to click on their name to enter the Report Card page, the icon will be towards the top of the page, next to their phone number.

APPLICANT -- Icon can be found on the Report Card page

CANDIDATE -- Icon can be found either in your Selection Manager and on the Report Card page

Once you click the icon, you can create your message and fire it off to the candidate. If you have templates created, click “Select a template (optional)” and choose a template. Make sure to read through the template before sending it. Some templates may require you to fill in the name of a job or the candidate’s name!

NOTE: Messages are sent from a Hireology system generated number to protect your privacy. It is always best practice to include your name and company name in the first message so that the applicant knows who you are.

Example: Hi Michael, We’ve reviewed your resume and are interested in scheduling a preliminary phone interview. Are you available Wednesday at 1pm?  Thanks - Julie at Hireology

After you click the “Send” button, your applicant will receive a text message. If it is the first message you have sent to an applicant about a job there will also be additional language giving them the option to reply “STOP” to opt out of receiving additional text messages about that job.

If they choose to opt out at this point, you will receive a notification and will no longer have the option to message them again via text message about that job.

Receiving & Replying to applicant text messages

If you send a text to a candidate and they respond, you will receive an email notifying you of their response. Within that email, you will have a link to log into your account where you can quickly and easily message back.

You can also see the conversation history in two places within the app; on the individual’s history page and by clicking the SMS icon.

For privacy and to track all communication in one place, text messages will not be sent to a hiring manager’s personal cell phone number. You can reply through Hireology from a laptop/desktop or mobile device by logging into your account.

Last Updated: 8/20/2018

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