How does the Hireology SmartPost work?

The Hireology SmartPost is a short-term, sponsored post that provides targeted distribution for your jobs across a network of more than 500 job boards with one click. SmartPost is proven to deliver 1.5x more quality candidates than traditional sponsored job boards and is now available for purchase through your Hireology account.

The main benefit of our SmartPost sponsorship is that, when purchased, the job posting will be sponsored on a variety of different job boards outside of Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter. The exact job boards that the role will be sponsored on will vary depending on the specific job, the location of the job, and historical data that we have pulled from similar postings.

This is still a pay-per-click sponsorship model but, instead of being associated with just one job board, it is linked to an array of job boards depending on the above information. This is also completely separate from the organic exposure all job postings receive through Hireology.

To learn more about Hireology's Sourcing Solutions, please visit our blog post.

Last Updated: 6/26/18

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