Setting up your Hireology // Compligo Integration

How to Integrate Hireology with Compligo

Step 1: Request that Hireology enable the Compligo Integration

Contact your Hireology representative or to have your account enabled for the Compligo integration.

Step 2: Request your API Authentication Code from Compli

Your Compligo Technical Account Manager, Account Manager or Technical Support Representative can provide your site's partner API Code in order to complete the integration. You may also email to request this.

The Compli technical team will follow these steps to produce the API Authentication Code:

  1. Login to the compligo site
  2. Click on the Build tab
  3. Click on Data Exchange
  4. Click on API Endpoints
  5. Click on partners
  6. Click Reveal Authentication Token (i.e. API Key)
  7. Send the following information to the customer with a link to this help document for the customer to complete the integration
    • Compligo Deployment:
    • API Authentication Code:

Step 3: Integrate your Hireology site to Compligo

  1. Login to Hireology at
  2. Click on your name in the upper right and then select Settings
  3. Click on the Integrations subtab
  4. Enter the subdomain of your Deployment and API Authentication Code
    To find your subdomain, review the Compligo URL provided to you by the Compli Technical team. As an example, if your URL is, your subdomain is abcauto
  5. Click Connect

Step 4: Sync a user to Compligo

  1. Login to Hireology at
  2. Click on the Jobs & Candidates tab
  3. Click on a Job
  4. Move an Applicant through the process from Candidate to Hired
  5. Click on the Hires subtab within the Job
  6. Click on the Sync with Provider button for the hire that you wish to sync to Compligo
  7. The Sync to Compligo window will pop up. Fill in all required fields
  8. Click the Sync button
  9. Login to your Compligo site and then click on the Personnel Tab. The user should appear within a minute or so. Edit the user to update any additional information about the employee.
Not currently a Compli customer but wish to learn more about the Hireology + Compli partnership? Contact your Customer Success Manager or!

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