Setting up your Hireology // BambooHR Integration

Hireology and BambooHR can now integrate to securely and seamlessly share data and keep your HR systems in sync and moving. For the integration to be successful, a customer needs to have an active BambooHR account and an active Hireology account.
How to Install:
If you’d like your BambooHR account linked with your Hireology hiring process, the first step is to contact your Hireology representative to kick off the integration. From there, it’s just a few quick steps to get the integration up and running.

Steps to Install:
1. Let your Hireology customer success manager know that you’re interested in setting up an integration with your BambooHR account.
2. After Hireology enables the integration, go to your Hireology Settings page.
3. On the Settings page, click on the Integrations tab.
4. Enter in your unique BambooHR subdomain and click the “Connect” button.
5. You will be prompted to enter in your BambooHR account details.
6. The system will make a connection between Hireology and BambooHR, completing the integration.

Integration Support:
Contact your Hireology customer representative to get started integrating BambooHR with your active Hireology account.

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