Reset Another User's Password

If you are set up within your Hireology account level permissions to manage users, roles, and permissions, you will be able to send a password reset to any user. (To find out if you have these permissions, click on the 'Hi [your name]' menu in the upper, right hand corner. 'Users' will appear in the dropdown.)

To begin the reset password workflow, click on the 'Hi [your name]' button in the upper, right hand corner then select 'Users' from the dropdown menu.

On the Users page, find your user.

Next to their name, click the 'More' button then select 'Reset Password' from the dropdown menu.

When the pop-up appears, click the 'Yes, Send Instructions' button.

An email will be sent off to the user with instructions for resetting their own password.

Last Updated: 3/16/2018

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