Hireology Training Chapter 6: Making the Hire

You've just made a hire, congratulations! In this video, we will review what happens when you're ready to make a hire and all of the post hire features that may be available within your account.
  • Marking your candidate as hired (minutes 0:30-0:50)

  • Hireology Onboarding (0:50-2:30)
    - Initiating the Onboarding process for a candidate- Review of steps included in process
    - Onboarding status updates
  • Hireology Payroll (minutes 2:30-4:02)

  • Insights (4:02-6:10)
    - Hiring Metrics (Velocity, Adherence)
    - Points of strengths & weaknesses

  • Post-Hire Check-in (6:10-7:47)
    - New hire performance and retention

Last Updated: 6/5/2017

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