Hireology Training Chapter 5: Using Your Verification Tools

The last and final step of any hiring process is to verify that your candidate can do the job, and do it well. You may even want to conduct a background check to make sure that they have a clean record. This video will walk you through how to order each of the Hireology verification tools.
  • Reference Checks (minutes 0:35-2:45)
    - Hireology's partnership with SkillSurvey for automated reference checking
    - Ordering: Confirming candidate's contact information and selecting a template
    - Review of candidate and reference commitments
  • Hard Skills Tests (minutes 2:45-4:05)
    - Description and use case
    - Recommendations

  • Caliper (minutes 4:05-5:00)
    - Description and use case
    - Recommendations
    - Difference between Predictor & Selector assessments
  • Background Checks (minutes 5:00-6:45)
    - Hireology's partnership with Accurate Background for automated background checks
    - Review of services and ordering process
    - What you and your candidate can expect

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